Hola, San Miguel de Allende!

Welcome to Spanish 205 Intermediate-Advanced Spanish Class in San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato! Class meets Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 11am-12pm and 12:15- 1:15pm in the upstairs room in the Cafe Contento Plaza on Hernandez Macias across from Bellas Artes. Each class is only 50 pesos or you may opt to purchase a prepaid class card worth 12 classes for only 500 pesos (2 classes free)!

What is Spanish 205?

Spanish 205 builds on your English foundation to speed up your Spanish fluency plan. When you can speak in English in the exact format you use when speaking Spanish, you are halfway to fluency! We also use cross-brain body exercises to get your left hemisphere, where logic and language rules are stored, sending information quickly to the right hemisphere of the brain, where creative fluency happens. Additionally music and lots of repetition are utilized to get you comfortable and pronouncing things well!

You are welcome to stay for all classes or drop in when it works for you!


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